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Special Situations

Andriy Romanchuk Managing Partner, Attorney at Law
Maryan Martynyuk Senior partner, Attorney at Law
Tetiana Honchariuk Partner, Attorney-at-Law
Andriy Savchuk Partner, Attorney at Law
Stanislav Peliuk Partner, Attorney-at-Law
Andriy Ivanov Senior Associate, Attorney at Law
Volodymyr Babii Senior Associate, Attorney at Law
Mark Belkin Senior Associate, Attorney at Law, PhD in Law
Vitalii Savetchuk Associate, Attorney at Law, PhD in Law
Bogdan Dovgan Associate, Attorney at Law
Diana Dubyna Associate, Attorney-at- Law

The combination of legal actions and non-legal methods to influence the client for purposes of a hostile takeover or to induce the client to take unfavorable decisions create so-called "special situations", addressing which requires rapid mobilization of a company’s forces and means to effectively protect the client and stop undue influence.

Such situations arise mainly due to business conflicts, and are quite difficult to prevent or anticipate.

Special situations are accompanied by numerous lawsuits aimed at the seizure of property, the initiation of criminal proceedings and investigative actions, the placement of false information to affect the reputation of a client, etc.

MORIS has successful experience and expert base for dealing with special situations.

What we do:

  • provide judicial support, including a set of actions in the criminal proceedings;
  • represent the client in communications with public authorities to combat raiding;
  • assist in exiting complex portfolio investments, advise and provide legal support in corporate conflicts;
  • advise on investments in troubled assets with regard to risk assessment, support of their acquisition, protection, establishment of control over them.

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