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Public sector

Andriy Romanchuk Managing Partner, Attorney at Law
Stanislav Peliuk Partner, Attorney-at-Law
Tetiana Honchariuk Partner, Attorney-at-Law
Oleksandr Mazur Counsel, Attorney at Law
Bogdan Dovgan Associate, Attorney at Law
Diana Dubyna Associate, Attorney-at- Law
Andriy Tymoshenko Associate, Attorney at Law
Andrii Tsependa Associate, Attorney at Law

MORIS has one of the best expertise in the country when it comes to the public sector.

Our specialists have extensive experience in working with public authorities and local government bodies. Thanks to our deep knowledge, experience and authority, we maintain transparent relations with public authorities and are ready to provide professional legal support to resolve the necessary issues.

We are working to build transparent links between our clients and the public sector, as we see this as a prospect for business development and improvement of the investment climate in the country.

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