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Pro Bono and charitable organisations

We believe that a business can only be successful when it is responsible.

MORIS is a socially responsible company, and we are honored to support a number of pro bono cultural, educational and charitable projects.

We provided legal support to Charitable Foundation “Dusha", NGO “DecidEd", NGO “UTEW Tech Tribe", NGO “TechUkraine", NGO “Ukraine Afghan Trade House", Kyiv National Academic Operetta Theater and Center for Contemporary Art in Ivano-Frankivsk, as well as the Charitable Foundation “Lifelover".

MORIS is proud of its long-term cooperation with the Orthodox Church of Ukraine.

The company also considers it necessary to increase the intellectual potential of the country, and has become one of the founders of the “Babylon Library” publishing house, which aims to translate masterpieces of world literature into the Ukrainian language and promote them in society.

This practice is based on our experience and knowledge, but, among other things, we:

  • provide legal assistance to volunteer battalions and ATO veterans;
  • assist in the registration of intellectual property rights and contractual registration of the activities of public organizations;
  • provide comprehensive legal support to religious and other non-governmental organizations;
  • register charitable and public organizations and support them in carrying out their activities.

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