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Oil and chemical industry

Andriy Romanchuk Managing Partner, Attorney at Law
Tetiana Honchariuk Partner, Attorney-at-Law
Oksana Kobryn Partner, Attorney at Law
Stanislav Peliuk Partner, Attorney-at-Law
Iurii Petrasch Counsel, Attorney at Law, PhD in Law
Mark Belkin Senior Associate, Attorney at Law, PhD in Law
Solomiia Iosypenko Associate, Attorney at Law, PhD in Law, Mediator
Diana Dubyna Associate, Attorney-at- Law
Bogdan Dovgan Associate, Attorney at Law
Rostyslav Sobotnyk Associate, Attorney at Law, PhD in Law

MORIS possesses in-depth knowledge in the oil and chemical industry. In particular, we have experience in applying regulatory control in this sector of the economy, understand the specifics of the market, and explore international experience in this area.

Our company provides a full range of legal services in the petrochemical industry, including helping companies interact with public regulatory bodies in resolving licensing issues, compliance with environmental and sanitary restrictions, etc.

Together with our clients, we have actively worked on the implementation of many projects in this area, which helped us learn how to find flexible and effective solutions to complex legal problems.

What we do:

  • advise clients on corporate, tax, customs and labor law;
  • support the process of obtaining all the necessary permits and licensing documents;
  • advise the companies in the oil and chemical industries regarding the participation in tender procurement;
  • monitor the compliance with ecological and sanitary norms by our clients;
  • protect the interests of clients in court litigation;
  • analyze the capabilities of companies to maintain exhausted wells.

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