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Logistics and infrastructure

Maryan Martynyuk Senior partner, Attorney at Law
Andriy Savchuk Partner, Attorney at Law
Vasyl Andrusyak Partner, Attorney at Law
Denys Ishchuk Partner, Head of Western Ukrainian Office, Attorney at Law
Mark Belkin Senior Associate, Attorney at Law, PhD in Law
Olga Gryschenko Senior Associate, Attorney at Law
Andriy Ivanov Senior Associate, Attorney at Law
Solomiia Iosypenko Associate, Attorney at Law, PhD in Law, Mediator
Andrii Tsependa Associate, Attorney at Law

We advise and represent the interests of Ukrainian and international logistics companies in the process of their operation. Thanks to a deep understanding of the field, MORIS helps clients comply with the requirements of legislation and to resolve any disputes that occur, provides legal support for the conclusion of complex international agreements regarding the purchase of transport, construction of roads and infrastructure facilities.

We support our clients not only in solving standard legal issues, but also help them in finding effective legal solutions for the implementation of complex projects.

We provide qualified legal support in the field of logistics and infrastructure, in particular, we:

  • advise clients on legislation in the field of logistics and infrastructure;
  • provide legal support for the logistics activities of international companies in Ukraine;
  • represent the interests of companies in court litigation with counteragents and contractors;
  • advise on regulatory control of public-private partnerships;
  • provide comprehensive support in the process of implementing infrastructure projects;
  • support receipt of permits.

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