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In order to conduct business effectively, in addition to professionalism, finances and a good reputation, high-quality interaction with public authorities and local government bodies is also required. However, frequently, neither Ukrainian entrepreneurs nor foreign investors know how to ensure cooperation with the state.

GR practice involves the proper construction of transparent communications between the client and public authorities at any level.

MORIS has more than 15 years of experience in successful communications between public authorities and business. We help our clients build a long-term strategy of interaction with the authorities in order to achieve the desired result.

The authority and professional expertise gained over the years gives us the opportunity to develop an algorithm of actions, negotiate with politicians and participate in the development of legislative documents.

It was our team that worked on drafting the " Ski-Masked Raid /Masks-Show/ Stop” law, which, in turn, protected Ukrainian business from illegal searches, blocking of operation, reopening of old cases, etc., which gave a new impetus to the development of Ukrainian business, and partially improved the investment climate in the country.

What we do:

  • participate in the development of draft laws and other regulations that protect Ukrainian business;
  • develop drafts of amendments to legislation in various areas, including city planning, tax, customs and land;
  • provide comprehensive support for foreign investment companies in the process of buying property in Ukraine;
  • represent the interests of investors in conflict situations and establish effective relations with state supervision (control) bodies.

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