Andriy Romanchuk Managing Partner, Attorney at Law
Andriy Savchuk Partner, Attorney at Law
Dmytro Furman Counsel, Attorney at Law
Olga Gryschenko Senior Associate, Attorney at Law

Forensics is one of the unique legal examinations performed by MORIS, which provides a legal and economic analysis of the activities of banks, companies or enterprises.

We conduct a full pre-trial audit of companies over a certain period of time; we find out whether there have been violations and, in case of their detection, we analyze which norms of legislation have been violated, whether there are grounds for criminal prosecution of the officials involved, etc.

Our lawyers investigate the causal relationship between the actions and inaction of specific company officials and determine the damage they have caused. Such examination requires extensive experience and knowledge in various fields of law and economics.

What we do:

  • identify and investigate the facts of illegal withdrawal of assets from banks, companies or enterprises that led to their insolvency;
  • determine specific operations, decisions, actions or inaction that caused the damage;
  • investigate the circumstances of the first events that led to the withdrawal of assets;
  • track and identify specific individuals involved in causing the damage;
  • establish the specific acts of Ukrainian legislation and/or internal normative documents that were violated.

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