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Dispute Resolution

Andriy Romanchuk Managing Partner, Attorney at Law
Andriy Savchuk Partner, Attorney at Law
Iurii Petrasch Counsel, Attorney at Law, PhD in Law
Natalia Tuzheliak Counsel, Solicitor in the United Kingdom
Andriy Ivanov Senior Associate, Attorney at Law
Mark Belkin Senior Associate, Attorney at Law, PhD in Law
Volodymyr Babii Senior Associate, Attorney at Law
Rostyslav Sobotnyk Associate, Attorney at Law, PhD in Law
Zoreslava Kudyba Associate, Attorney at Law
Solomiia Iosypenko Associate, Attorney at Law, PhD in Law, Mediator
Serhii Mytiuk Associate, Attorney at Law

MORIS is one of the top five litigation practices in Ukraine, has many successful cases and is a reliable advisor to its clients in the dispute resolution process.

Our lawyers are ready to resolve the most difficult disputes using an individual professional approach and applying the best international experience. MORIS has repeatedly and successfully defended clients' interests in the Supreme Court, thereby shaping new judicial practice in Ukraine.

MORIS partner Andriy Savchuk has significant experience in forming legal positions in complex cases and representing clients in the Supreme Court, particularly in the Grand Chamber. His in-depth expertise allows him to develop effective defense tactics and strategies that lead the client to a successful completion of the case.

The company has been cooperating with the Deposit Guarantee Fund for Individuals for a long time and, thanks to court practice, has helped Ukrainian banks recover hundreds of millions USD.

In addition, MORIS experts have extensive experience in representing clients' interests in international arbitration and mediation.

What we do:

  • return lost assets to banks;
  • protect the right of foreign investment companies to own property in Ukraine;
  • represent the interests of international companies in litigation with Ukrainian counterparties;
  • represent the interests of clients in courts of all instances;
  • develop defense strategies and defend interests in the Supreme Court of Ukraine;
  • protect the ownership of Ukrainian and international companies in litigation with public authorities;
  • represent the interests and protect the rights of national and foreign companies in international arbitration;
  • support clients at all stages of negotiations, conclusion of settlement deals, in the process of mediation, etc.

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