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Banking and financial sector

Andriy Romanchuk Managing Partner, Attorney at Law
Maryan Martynyuk Senior partner, Attorney at Law
Andriy Savchuk Partner, Attorney at Law
Stanislav Peliuk Partner, Attorney-at-Law
Tetiana Honchariuk Partner, Attorney-at-Law
Denys Ishchuk Partner, Head of Western Ukrainian Office, Attorney at Law
Dmytro Furman Counsel, Attorney at Law
Olga Gryschenko Senior Associate, Attorney at Law
Andriy Ivanov Senior Associate, Attorney at Law
Mark Belkin Senior Associate, Attorney at Law, PhD in Law
Volodymyr Babii Senior Associate, Attorney at Law
Diana Dubyna Associate, Attorney-at- Law
Bogdan Dovgan Associate, Attorney at Law
Serhii Mytiuk Associate, Attorney at Law

MORIS has one of the best expertise in Ukraine in the banking and financial sector.

Our lawyers have worked with many Ukrainian banks and have extensive experience working with the Deposit Guarantee Fund for Individuals. We have supported a number of cases that have shaped completely new approaches and practices in the banking sector. In addition, MORIS consistently advises Ukrainian and international financial companies on national legislation.

Our services include full legal support for clients operating in the banking and financial sector.

What we do:

  • comprehensively support the restructuring of debt obligations to banks and other creditors;
  • represent the interests of investors in the process of replacing guarantors and collateral, including in the process of redemption of syndicated loans by the investor;
  • advise clients on current legislation in the field of banking law;
  • support transactions on the capital markets, emission and operations with securities, debt agreements;
  • provide support for the sale of troubled assets;
  • represent the interests of clients in debt collection disputes;
  • support loan agreements, opening of accounts in foreign banks, securitization of assets;
  • advise on the corporate procedures of banks, financial institutions, etc.;
  • conduct forensic audits of banks and financial institutions.

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